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Discussing ways to better GBC
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 RULES (read them)

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RULES (read them) Empty
PostSubject: RULES (read them)   RULES (read them) EmptyMon Apr 20, 2009 11:20 am

Before reading and posting on this forum, make sure you understand all the rules:
1) Understand the purpose of this forum (read purpose under announcements/news)
2) All posts must be constructive towards the bettering of GBC (if you want to criticize the church, offer your solution as well. Don't simply write a list of problems)
3) If you aren't sure whether or not your post is appropriate, pray about it (and you could always email me the post)
4) Before you post make sure your post has NO:
- aggressive or slanderous messages
- personal insults
- promotion of unbiblical practices
Also if you start a new topic, please make the title straightforward and understandable. Please make an effort on grammar and spelling.

With all that said, have fun while doing this. Understand this is simply a discussion to spread ideas that could benefit GBC. Feel free to express your opinion.


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RULES (read them)
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